Attractions of Guinea-Bissau for New Zealanders

When it comes to the countries that host some extraordinary things for tourists, Guinea-Bissau is one major country amongst them all. Guinea-Bissau is located in Western Africa. Geographically it is surrounded by Senegal towards its North, by Guinea towards South and the East of the country, while the western border of the Guinea-Bissau is shared by the country with the Atlantic Ocean. The diverse architecture in these destinations for the tourists represents the influence of the Portuguese rule in Guinea-Bissau.


The nightlife, cuisine and other parts of the strong National Culture of the Guinea-Bissau that have this Portuguese influence. Most New Zealanders get attracted towards the country when they are impressed by the astonishing scenery that the Guinea-Bissau hosts. Some other attractions are the historical culture and the importance of this culture in the history of Guinea-Bissau. These attractions often attract most of New Zealanders throughout the year who come to the continent of Africa and visit Guinea-Bissau.

Bissau City - Capital

Bissau is the capital of the country. As the capital it hosts the major administrative port and hence it becomes the major tourist attraction due to the importance it possesses. It is basically a rural city and contains an architecture that is colonial by nature. It also contains many attractions for the tourists that also include the extraordinarily attractive beaches that Bissau hosts. Some of the major cultural sites that one might be interested in visiting are The Museum that Fortaleza d'Ammura barracks, the tomb of Amilcar Cabral, the Museum of African Artifacts and last but not the lest the Pidjiguiti Memorial. These sites might be a constant source of attractions for some tourist. The tourists must go and visit Bafata which is full of significant places and has wildlife reserves long with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese. The Geba River that flows through the city presents an ever pleasing and panoramic view to the tourists that visit Bissau. This tour can never be forgotten by any person.

Other Tourists Destinations

Bolama is another destination for the tourists that want to visit Guinea-Bissau. Bolama's territory is expanded by the splendid coastline that it has, which is surrounded by a wide range of the mangrove forests. There are some extraordinary beaches that Bolama possess. But apart from these beaches, the palace of the Governor and the biosphere reserve of the Bolama Bijagos are some other sources of natural attraction for the tourists. There are also many cultural attractions too that attract New Zealanders to visit Guinea-Bissau.

When you are on your journey through Guinea-Bissau eventually you will have to come to Cacheu. Cacheu is a town that is situated northwest of the Island and is located along side the Cacheu River. Originally it was treated as a ship port. A fort of the sixteenth century is the major attraction for you in the Cacheu city. Along with all this the natural park named Tarafes de Cacheu Natural Park and a market place which is very colourful is another major attraction for you. All these things try to add liveliness to the stay you have in Cacheu.

Other Destinations